A & O at the Balboa Bay Club, Newport Beach

Abbreviated from “Anchors & Oceans,” A& O Kitchen & Bar is Newport Beach’s latest gastropub opened on the waterfront. With caramel tones and rope-clad light fixtures, this restaurant evokes the natural ocean elements outside its doors.

Designed with groups in mind, A & O serves shared plates intended for everyone at the table to grab a bite. Dishes are readily served soon after the order is put in, allowing you to pop a delicious eat while it’s fresh. With free WiFi, TV, and a full bar, the venue is wholly prepped for afternoon sports. During NFL football season, partake in “Beat the Clock” Happy Hour. Need something more than an ice-cold beer to ease your nerves while your team is on the line? We recommend the “Tight End,” concocted with blood orange vodka, orange, mint, and a hint of cranberry.

For all bacon-lovers, a plate of Bacon-Wrapped Dates is a high priority! These savory appetizers include balsamic glazed, bleu cheese-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates that will have your mouth overwhelmed by the perfection of the exterior’s crispy flavor and the interior’s sweet softness.

The dinner menu features specialties like the “Birthday Suit,” a beef tartar ensemble with raw beef, egg 62, and thick-cut French Fries. Pair your meal with one of the three hangover beer floats.

A & O strives to accommodate any and every dietary need. Gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan items are available, as well as bacon-free menus upon request. With such a variety for families and friends, experience a great night out or a peaceful morning brunch!