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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Jennifer Mclaughlin


Photography Director-OC
Huey Bui

Photography Director-LA
Ken Alcazar

Austen Paul, Chris Dunn, Halina Kubalski, Robyn Rutherford & William Rouse

Design Director
Carolyn Ramos

Dave Wrobel

Special Events
Taylor Kelly

Fashion & Style Editor
Danielle Tavia

Director, Sales & Sponsorships
Michelle Evans

Media Relations-bluetone Marketing & Public Relations
Jonathan Abramson

Contributing & Staff Writers: Alex Temblador, Amanda Bisson, Annie Biziou, Catherine Muto, Carlos Ramos, Chantele Petrocelli, Charmaine Griffin, Chris Dunn, Christian Aspa, Dave Wrobel, Gail Moore, Greg Foster, Ian Cameron, John Piekarski, Karen Judd, Katie McCabe, Katie McElveen, Kelly Magyarics, Megan Miele, Morgan McKean, Nadia Gillespie, Paula Ramos, Rachel Stein, Richard Carroll, Shannon Decker, Susan Watkins, Tanya Pascua, Tiffany Loe & Yvonne Lao.