The Seychelles, an Exotic Escape

Photos Courtesy of Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas

There are few precious gems left in the world of tourism these days thanks to their exotic location which help to keep them relatively unknown. The Seychelles is one of those destinations. Ask ten people if they know where the Seychelles is and you can almost guarantee nine of the ten have no idea. Extending between four and ten degrees south of the equator and lying between 480km and 1,600km from the coast of East Africa the Seychelles is one of the world’s last frontiers that promise awe-inspiring natural beauty in pristine surroundings without the obvious footprint of mankind. One of the smallest countries in the world the Seychelles is comprised of two main island groups the Mahé group of more than forty central mountainous granitic islands and its second group of more than seventy outer, flat coralline islands. The mass majority of the islands are uninhabited with most natives living on the three largest islands, Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.  Mahé is home to 90% of the countries population and is where the majority of resorts can be found due to its international airport and beautiful surrounding areas. Although host to a long list of premier resorts and hotel chains the island of Mahé is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want a true taste of the Seychelle’s untouched primitive beauty a short trip to the island of Félicité is just what the doctor ordered. This heavily forested granitic island measuring only 2.68 kilometers long and situated 4 kilometers east of La Dique is home to one of the top resorts, the Six Senses Zil Payson.

Occupying approximately a third of the island of Félicité, Six Senses is the true definition of heaven on earth. A quick twenty-minute helicopter ride and you’ve landed at a tropical nirvana. The dramatic form of giant, granite boulders juxtaposed against lush green vegetation is what sets the first impression, paying notice to a smattering of buildings camouflaged into the jungle before your eyes. With bags whisked away and all the greetings taken care of it is time to fully immerse yourself in pure island luxury. A short golf cart ride away and you arrive at your luxury villa. Accommodations vary depending on geographical location, size and overall style. Choose from 28 one-bedroom pool villas with an option for panorama views of the surrounding islands, oceanfront views that include the relaxing sounds of crashing waves nearby or hideaway for the ultimate privacy thanks to the surrounding lush vegetation.

For those in need of more space, the resort offers two-bedroom villas that present the ideal island lifestyle for families or friends traveling together. An incredible 4,740 square feet of space The Signature two-bedroom pool villa, perched on one of the island’s granite cliffs offers mind-blowing views that truly are a sight for sore eyes. Although each villa comes with a large amount of space, modern design and all the luxuries of a five-star resort the three and four-bedroom residences truly do steal the show. Seascape the resort’s three-bedroom residence and The Sanctuary the four-bedroom residence are both built into the granite rock of the island each offering one-of-a-kind designs. Intoxicating panoramic views, ultra-luxe modern architecture, and upper floor plunge pools that are fully visible on the floor below make these residences stand in a league of their own.

Take a journey through local cuisine during your time on the property. Several dining options are offered throughout the resort that reflect the ethnic diversity that showcases the history of the nations that have come before. From African, Chinese, French, English, Indian to Creole, each background is creatively represented on the menu. The team of chefs at the resort draw inspiration from combining local culture and raw ingredients to deliver traditional favorites day in and day out. Start your morning off at the Island Cafe for breakfast consisting of fresh juices, exotic fruits, baked pastries, eggs made to order, and more. The resort’s seaside dining option Ocean Kitchen delivers the locally caught seafood as well as fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables that are sourced straight from the island’s organic garden.

One of the many standouts in the resort’s culinary program is paying homage to each culture that is represented during one of their nightly themed dinners. From Creole to Asian night, Indian and others guests have a chance to immerse themselves in a dining experience that fully awakens the senses.

Stay Active

With wellness at the forefront of everything that makes up the Six Senses brand your time spent on the island of Félicité is one you won’t soon forget. From hiking the cliffs and venturing through the lush jungle that makes up the island to frolicking in the waves below, there is no shortage of ways to experience nature at its finest during your stay. With some of the best snorkeling directly in front of the resort simply grab a mask and explore your way through a world-class underwater adventure. The crystal blue waters teeming with marine life offer a unique snorkeling encounter that is second to none. Manta Rays, sharks, dolphins, turtles and a variety of colorful fish swim directly off the shores of the resort providing guests an up-close encounter they remember for decades.

For those looking for the next level of adventure book one of the resort’s kayaks and head across the bay to Koco’s Island. This magical tiny island features spectacular limestone rock formations, clear turquoise-blue waters with high visibility and some of the most incredible backdrops you will ever see. Varying tones of the brightest blues melded against white powdery sands and smooth rock, this truly is an unforgettable location. A marine park since 1996 Koco’s Island is a well-known day trip for many of the surrounding islands due to its incredible crystal clear waters which are excellent for swimming, snorkeling, and a wide variety of water sports.

Views for Days

After a day filled with fun in the sun, there is nothing better than taking in the perfect sunset at the top of the island. Ready to pop the question? Confer with your favorite Six Senses staff member and you will be enamored by the setting put before you as the sun dances across the horizon. This is one of the most stunning sunset locations on the planet and you couldn’t ask for a better place for romance. Two oversized comfortable bean bags nestled perfectly against the smooth granite rock, a bottle of champagne paired with a few savory treats and the rest is up to you.

Six Senses Zil Payson has truly created a magical island experience that sets them apart in the world of luxury travel. This one-of-a-kind Seychellois escape offers a unique setting all-encompassing the Six Senses way of hospitality. The overall sense of well-being runs throughout the entire island from the moment you check in to departure. Sustainability and eco-friendly hospitality are at the forefront in hopes of not only reducing their carbon footprint but also educating guests on ways to help improve the planet. From their very own water filtering plant to solar panels on each villa, weekly beach cleanups to turtle and reef conservation Six Senses goes above and beyond to conserve the environment while providing guests with memories that will last a lifetime.